It was the early 2010s

Inspired by authentically delicious and good-for-you food, marking local farm-to-table connections, and a little Harry Potter – The Owlery restaurant opened its doors in March of 2011 in a humble home-turned commercial space.

Jersey Shore was a hot new TV show, silly bands and bright colored jeans were in, and artists like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars were topping the charts. Bloomington was booming – well known for its prestigious academics, stunning architecture, beautiful natural landscape, and a large and diverse selection of delicious restaurants.

But we saw a need in town for a restaurant that matched the warm, natural, and earthly atmosphere of Bloomington and its people – and a restaurant that catered to the growing vegan and vegetarian community.

After less than a year of serving up vegan and vegetarian food that was consistently fresh, delicious, and unique, we moved to our current location on the square, becoming a staple of downtown Bloomington. We’ve continued to share our love for great vegan and vegetarian food, graciously gaining fans, press, and awards along the way.

A small glass with a dark beverageA plate of nachos with a glass of beer
Locally sourced

We’re proud to partner with local suppliers like Twilight Dairy and BB’s Market for our produce and cheese. All of our cheeses are made with a vegetarian rennet, and we also offer vegan shredded cheese, queso, and creamy mac-and-cheese sauce.

The best for you

We love evolving our menu and trying out new recipes while keeping your favorites around to share and enjoy. We also offer gluten-sensitive menus.

Authentic Vegan Food

All items on The Owlery menu are naturally vegan, unless a choice of cheese or egg is given. We’re proud to partner with Twilight Dairy, a small Amish dairy located in nearby Rockville, Indiana for our cheese options, and all of our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet. Got a vegan cheesy craving? We’ve got you covered with our shredded vegan cheese, vegan queso, and vegan mac-n-cheese sauce – made in house to be rich and delicious. Whether you’re ordering from our lunch, brunch, dinner, or gluten sensitive menu, you’ll find a variety of fresh and delicious dishes that are good for your body and good for the Earth.